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About Siempre Juntos Más Fuerte


SJMF (Siempre Juntos Más Fuerte – Together We Are Stronger) is a registered charity in Canada, striving to support impoverished communities in the Dominican Republic.

SJMF builds homes for families in need within San Jose de Ocoa, a province located in the southern region of the country. We help Canadians lead their fundraising efforts and then facilitate cross-cultural exchanges by offering them the opportunity to collaborate with Dominican workers in the development of each new home. Moreover, in order to maximize community engagement and participation, recipient families are closely involved in each step of the process.

Our goals are to create sustainable communities within Ocoa and establish long-lasting relationships between Canadians and Dominicans. Many of our former participants have been deeply moved by their experiences and express a lasting sense of commitment following their work with SJMF. As we always say, “Two Countries, One Love.”


Upcoming Events

Jun 2020
01:00 - pm

4th Annual SJMF Golf Tournament

Eagle Ridge Golf Course
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